Thursday, October 10, 2013

Disturbing Result Of Steroid Abuse

The photo, submitted by Reddit user winstoncash, shows the disturbing image of a bulked out arm that has obvious signs of steroid use. While many comments on the photo were directed at poking fun of the ginormous steroid arm, Reddit user RapNextDoor took time to explain the contents of the photo:

“Here’s the info: the bodybuilder who owns the arm pictured here is IFBB pro Frank McGrath. He does use many different steroids. However, most of this vascularity comes from his very low bodyfat and subcutaneous water retention combined with great genetics.
EDIT: So many comments asking why this is an example of great genetics. I mean this solely in terms of bodybuilding competition. Strong vascularity is beneficial in a competition. I understand that not everyone is attracted to vascularity ay this level, but that wasn’t really my point.”
While Reddit user RapNextDoor makes a valid point, there are many reasons why steroid overuse is harmful. While the physical affect of steroid use is obvious, there are many issues internally going on when one abuses steroids.
One of the key side effects of steroid use is high blood pressure and cholesterol. This can lead to severe cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks. The overuse of steroids can also lead to an enlarged prostate which can progress to prostate cancer if not treated properly. Lastly, one of the more prominent internal problems with steroid abuse is the effect it has on the liver. Progressive use of steroids can cause liver malfunction and can lead to Peliosis Hepatitis.
What do you think about this photo? Do you think steroids should be used in body building?
The Disturbing Result of Steroid Abuse. 

This image, uploaded to Reddit by user “GermanPanda” shows a guy who has appeared to of spent a little bit to much on steroids, and a little too much time squatting at the gym. Do women really find this attractive?…

  1. Damn! Is this ass?

  2. Good result for bad attitude.

  3. I see no reason why people should waste their time trying to build their body. If u want to keep in shape why not do a simple excercise instead of using drugs to get huge. What does it benefit you? Only looking like a body guard.lolz

  4. God I don't think this is a human. What!


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