Friday, May 21, 2021

Top Instagram Comedian Making Wave With Video Skit

Since the advent of Instagram, a social media platform that's more of photos and videos, many Nigerians have  become famous with their creative skits. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM writes on some of the top content creators, keeping Instagram in Nigeria alive.

For those who have not been keeping tabs on a social media platform like instagram and twitter, they have been missing out of the fun. To relieve and reduce one's stress during or after a day's job, there are many Instagram-turned celebrities who are making huge amount from their contents in the platform.

From people advertising on their pages , to being endorsed as a representative of a brand, these young men and women are becoming the in-thing in the industry.

Most known actors, actresses, musicians and even top comedians have turned their attention to making comic skits ( a short video satirical video), to catch the attention of the public and fans. 

Most of these celebrities have smiled to the bank with people, liking and following their YouTube channels. There are many who are popular and have "wild" and "crazy" followership, but yet haven't gotten that break they yearn for that would make them earn good money. Even though they are keeping hope alive, others have been smiling to the bank and making lots of wave.

These are some of those putting smiles on people's faces on Instagram.

Broda Shaggi

Samuel Animashaun Perry better known as Broda Shaggi, is the most followed Nigerian comedian on Instagram with over 6.5million followers. The comedian, actor, songwriter and musician at young age, took interest acting drama as influenced by his late father, who was a drama teacher. He refers to himself as “Nigeria’s” number 1 fine boy Agbero”. He also has cult followership on Instagram. When ever he post a skit, it hits over "200k-400k" views. He single titled “Pariwo”with Teni took them on a musical tour in the UK. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, he continued to drop materials about the virus and #ENDSARS protest.

Lasisi Elenu  
The king of rants as he is popularly known, Lasisi is now making wave on Instagram sphere. His quasi serious way of detailing his experiences is why many can’t get enough of him. He boast of 3.9mllion fans on Instagram.

Mr Craze

Emmanuel Iwueke popular known as Mr Craze has over 3.7million Instagram followers. He has signed endorsement deals with top brands like Nairabet and has hosted his own sold out shows. The Ukraine-based medical doctor has turned his passion into big bucks of money. And his skit are making him smile to the bank. Sure thing, he's more passionate about the industry now than being a medical doctor. At least, "big money dey enter."

Woli Agba
Ayo Ajewole first came to the limelight as the overconfident prophet "Woli Agba" in the ultra-popular "Oti Ganpa" comedy series and since then, Instagram has become another way for him to thrill fans. His adventures with his mischievous protégé Dele will leave anyone in stitches; even if one do not understand Yoruba. He has over 3.4million followers on Instagram.

Sydney’s meteoric rise in the industry is nothing down to sheer hard work and creativity. There is no way you will watch any of his skits without laughing. Litrlw wonder he boast of over 2.2million fans on instagram. Sydney is good at what he does and he has created a name for himself in the Nigerian comedy space. A must-follow on Instagram and highly recommended. He mimicked lots of artistes in 2020. The highlight not his career was when he featured OBO Davido on one of his skits. He connected with some huge audience on Instagram and Twitter and has also brought some young lads in too who are now also doing their own things separately.


Josh Alfred, otherwise known as Josh2funny, has had an unusual path to internet comedy fame. He began his online comedy journey after failing in his stand-up comedy foray. Inspired by the vast consumption of social media comedy content, Josh2funny made his first skit in 2016—a short dry humour video which he comically slapped his friend into a state of perpetual confusion. Since then, Josh2funny has evolved his brand of comedy with the creation of multiple characters. He's loved by fans and highly recommend. Just as the name goes, he's too funny. He has over 1.9million followers on Instagram.

Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam popularly known as Taaooma is a great petit lady. The comedian ,content creator, cinematographer, and social media influencer is best known for acting multiple roles in her comedy skits. In 2020, she was profiled by The Christian Science Monitor as one of Nigerian women breaking into the comedy's boys club. She has also featured in top Instagram celebs skits. She smiles with her 1.7million fans on IG.

Mr Macaroni

Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr. Macaroni is a Nigerian, comedian, actor, content developer, social media influencer and entrepreneur. He has an instagram followership of over 1.5million. He is popular for his dark-red agbada and his satiric comedy video of a man who has no control over their actions around women. Debo's post are always on point and straight to the point. He has featured top celebrities on his skits and has a cult like followers. Mr Macaroni has become a sensation in the entertainment industry and has become popular because of some of his key phrases like “ooin”, “fantabulous”, “freaky freaky”, “you are doing well” and so many others. He gained more followership when in October 2020, Mr Macaroni alongside other Nigerian celebrities protested in the #EndSARS campaign in the streets of Lagos. They called for the disbandment of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). His skits are always fun to watch and he keeps fans mesmerised.

They say "what a man can do, a woman can also do better" , that's the story of Gloria Oloruntobi, better known as Maraji who has over 1.2million followers on instagram. The comedian, who started her career making lip sync videos and miming songs, role-plays in her comedy skits and switches between accents and vocal pitches to suit each character she plays. She has continued to deliver great skits that has gotten people addicted to her. She has also influenced lots of Nigerian youngstars who are aiming to get the fame.

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