Thursday, May 20, 2021

Why Light-skinned Actresses Are Favoured In Nollywood–Temidayo Babatunde

Temidayo Babatunde is a gorgeous actress and movie producer who is passionate about what she does. In this interview , she speaks on her experience, challenges and other sundry issues

What have you been up to lately?
I am good, I have been on a low key (laughs)

Who inspired you into to acting? 
Nobody, I started acting because of the passion I have for it, it's what I love to do even without getting paid. I started acting in 2003, with Ogungbesan theatre group in Ilorin, Kwara state where I was taught the nitty-gritty of the profession . However, I temporary left full-time acting for my academic pursuits and later returned in 2017 and the journey has been lovely since then 

How many movies have you acted and produced?
I have actually lost the count as I have featured in many movies. I have produced seven movies so far. The titles are "Twist Of Fate", "Ife Ojiji", "Ife Fun Ife" (Love for Love), "Karahun" (Greed) , "Aseoluwa", "IPA" (force) and "ERU (phobia) which has not been released yet.

It seems the movie industry favours light-skinned actresses, do you think light-skinned actress get more roles than the dark skinned ones? 
The answer is YES! Light-skinned actresses get more roles than black-skinned ones. I think the reason it’s like they are more attractive on camera. However, we are all unique in our ways.

How was growing up for you like? 
My growing up wasn’t smooth like that because I am from a polygamous home, but I thank God for where I am today.

What has been your challenges as an actress and as a movie producer?  
There is no success without its attendants story. I have encountered many challenges as a movie producer.
Getting suitable apartments for a role could somehow be challenging especially when the producer is of the female gender. Movie marketers sometimes price a movies below the cost of production, thereby sowing a seed of discouragement. 
Actors invited to a shooting location might have different commitments and pairing actors may be challenging as they might not be available at the producer timing. Advertisement of a movie costs a lot, and professional colleagues sometimes find it hard to repost on Instagram as a means of advert for others.

How were you able to surmount COVID-19 pandemic as it affected the industry? 
The world was completely changed by the advent of COVID-19. However,  I survived personally by adhering strictly to the COVID-19 protocol as announced by the Incident Commander in Lagos, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Also,God has been so faithful. Concerning the movie industry, it affected us greatly as we could not produce as we used to do and marketing our products was also a challenge during this era. 

Tell us about your memorable moments as a actress and a woman?
There have been many memorable moments for me in this career. Anytime I remember what God has done for me through this acting, I am always full of praises for His name. There are many benefits accrued to me I can name. I can say the day someone credited my account with a huge amount of money, after watching my movie and was very touched that the movie was a top-notch, was a memorable moment for me. Conclusively, all glory be unto God

Tell us about the most embarassing moment you have experienced? 
The embarrassing moment I can recall was when a fan called and was asking me to name my price, that he wants to sleep with me. There is no crime in asking an actress out or requesting to date any one, but don't relate with me like a prostitute. Actresses are not prostitute. 

Which movie do you think brought you to limelight?
That should be the movie, "Ife Fun Ife" (Love for Love).

So what has been the most difficult role you have played in a movie? 
A movie I featured in recently produced by Kehinde Salami,  titled "Buabo". It has to do with a festival in Ondo State. I played the role of a researcher. 

What made your role as a researcher difficult?
What made the role challenging was the closeness to the reality of the interpretation of the role. The 'Oro' festival was actually real during the shooting of the movie and the researcher even as a woman, was supposed to move closer to the 'Oro'. This is forbidden in Yoruba culture. The villagers had to perform some sacrifices for cleansing after the scene. 

So they performed a sacrifice for you?
On my behalf for cleansing, I wasn’t there when they were doing it, I was told after doing it. 

How would Temidayo Babatunde describe her personality? 
Temidayo Babatunde is a brand name. I am a lover girl, I love to love, a lane-minder, a shy but sometimes naughty. I operate within a very small circle

Tell us about your love life or relationship? 
I am not married and am not in a relationship. I will like to get married to a God-fearing man that will truly love my son and I, and of course spoil me silly.

You have a son, how come you are not together with the father of your son? 
My not being together with his father was not my desire but that was fate in action. You don't get all your desire at all times. My son is named Fabregas because it is a unique Spanish name which means 'Gift of God'.

What should we expect from you in 2021?
The year 2021 is full of hope. Expect something you have not seen from me before. A new best will be uncovered from me and I plan to put my name on the sound of time.The year will definitely be amazing. God helping me.

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