Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Igbos Are Nigerians And Should Be Respected


I was born in Enugu. I grew up mostly around Igbos before returning to the North. Igbos are great people. They have their own bad side just like we all do. I don't support belittling an ethnic group for the sake of scoring cheap political goal. As I speak, all my neighbours are Igbos and they are good people. 

Let's not try to instigate hate where there should be friendship. Those beating the drums of war are rich enough and can whisker their families abroad whenever there's crisis and "E Set". I know many of my Igbo friend who have condemned the happenings in the South-East and are looking for the best way to resolve it.

The president's comment is not worthy of a leader. The best thing he should be thinking right now is how to unite the country because anytime he makes a statement, the other tribes believe they are targeted.

Such statements instigate hates amongst the different ethnic groups in the country. 

The political class are sitting quiet because if they speak; they are scared of losing futuristic opportunities they may never even have. They seldom speak only when their interest is touched. 

God is not man, and can change those who think they are unchangeable. It has happened before, and it can happen again. All power belongs to God Almighty and he can take it away when He feels like.

It's time to unite the people and stop the hate and war mongering. It's better to be united peace than finding a way to be divided in war.

Igbos are Nigerians and should be respected.

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