Monday, June 28, 2021

Opinion: My Painful Experience On Rigasa -Idu Bound Train

By A #SolutionJournalist

Over the weekend (Saturday, 26th) I was a passengers of a Rigasa-Idu bound train, we took-off at exactly 6pm.

45minutes into the ride, our train came to a stop at a point that wasn't a train station, out of curiosity, I look out of the window and saw a fallen tanker across the rail and four others packed parallel to the train-tracks on a small hill.

We were there for about 5minutes. We continued our journey towards Abuja for another 30minutes and came to another stop at Rijana station, and since it was train-station, we thought our stop was to give way for the Abuja-Kaduna train, we were wrong. For 45minutes, we waited in vain. During that time, there was no form of courtesy from the management of the NRC to speak to us what the issue was.

The train started moving at the point where people were beginning to ask questions. Again at Jere station, we came to another abrupt stop, obviously to let the Abuja-Kaduna train through because we met it parked at the train station on arrival.

To our surprise, the engines of our train went off, few minutes later, the lights went off. In the dark we all began to ask questions and make speculations on what really has happened. 

At about some minutes past 8pm, we began to leave our seats, the Air-Condition was not working (in my coach) before we stopped, the discomfort that followed became obvious with people moving up and down in all the coaches. Again we spent over an hour there without any information from Management.

We left Jere at 9:25pm for Kubwa train station, we arrived Idu at 10:25pm against our scheduled arrival time of 8pm. Till this minutes, nobody said anything to us for the inconveniences, not even the increasing insecurity across the land bordered them.

Again this morning, Monday, 28th June, an Abuja-Kaduna train is currently broken down at Dutse as reported by dailytrust:

See link below 👇

Before we blame our leaders for this one, can we begin to call out the management of the Nigerian Railway Cooperation (NRC) for negligence and bad customer service for a start.

For those of us who can sue them, please, do it for us, maybe then, the government will begin to hold people accountable for the many ills and maybe, just maybe, governance will be better for it.

It is government of the people abi, and we are the people.

God bless Nigeria.
#citizenactivism #solutionjournalism #NRC #abujatrain

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