Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Nigerians Hail Twitter Decision To Pull-Down President Buhari's Civil War Tweet Nigerians reacts

Following President Muhammadu Buhari’s tweet in which he threatened to deal with Nigerians “misbehaving” in “the language they understand”and the subsequent delete of the tweet by twitter , Nigerians have continued to praise the the founder of Tweeter for not allowing such genocidal post.

President Buhari had in a tweet shared on Tuesday, evoked Nigeria’s civil war experience which was fought between 1967 and 1970, and noted that most of those “misbehaving” by burning electoral offices were maybe too young to understand the gravity of war.

“Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand,” he said in the now-deleted tweet.

Read Tweets:

@Falzthebahdguy What is this? Have you treated Boko Haram with the “language they understand”? What about the kidnappers & bandits ? Today you go London, tomorrow Paris. You are now coming here to tweet rubbish

The President should talk to us....The President should address us...The President should speak to una don hear am.
@Barcaprincipal The FG and Lai Mohammed are so so pained that Jack took down Buhari's tweet,

They're also pained that Nigerians 🇳🇬 won.

Lmaoooooo 😂 😉 😊 😁 😀

#BuhariMustGo #Buhari

 @GovAyoFayose A president who cannot address his own people in time of crisis can certainly not be the one tweeting on the crisis.
Twitter should rather hold Garba Shehu, Lie Mohammad and co accountable.

It is obvious that those using the President's powers for him do not know when and where to stop their power-madness.Regrettably, Twitter may not know that Buhari is not the one operating the handle. Can our President operate Android Phone not to talk of making genocidal tweets?

Nigeria is boiling everywhere and all that the President can do is to be threatening genocide up and down?
Now that Twitter has dealt with our almighty President Buhari, won't he "deal" with Twitter too? 
Like Trump, like Buhari.

The reason why @Twitter  choose Ghana over Nigeria, is because they don't want to be manipulated by Nigeria Government like @Facebook , thank you jack for deleting that genocidal Buhari Tweet, next is to barn him so that he can move to crowwe or cowurine..

Dear @jack deleting buharis tweet isn't enough... The man publicly threatened to kill, rape, and starve over 60 million Igbos leaving in Nigeria. Please do the needful.. Trump was suspended for less. Please we want justice...  #Buhari

The narrative that "Nigeria hates Igbo people" is an outdated context that will leave with the old and bitter generation

Today let us stand with our Igbo family and say #IAmIgboToo #Ozoemena ♥️🇳🇬 

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